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Project Management

You must deal with many requirements at every stage of your construction project, whether you are an investor, contractor, or owner. No matter how large or remote the project, our project management services can provide comprehensive supervision, inspection, and commissioning services.

Project & construction management
Project & construction management 03
Project & construction management 04

Project & Construction Management

We provide project management services that cover all phases of a project from conception to completion. Each project is unique, and we keep momentum. These are two keys to project success. Ramboll assists clients in ensuring that they have control over every aspect of their projects, including quality, cost, program, delivery, safety, and schedule.

We promote effective working relationships between all stakeholders through our collaborative, professional and inclusive management style. Our international team works with our project management team, who often deliver projects in remote locations overseas.

It is a continuous and iterative process to improve our management skills and techniques. We continue to improve our skills and incorporate the benefits into future projects.

Services we deliver include:

  • Planning a project
  • Assessment/feasibility studies
  • Value engineering
  • Contract tendering
  • Multidisciplinary bids
  • Design Management
  • Bid management
  • Administration of contracts
  • Programme management
  • Management of the supply chain
  • Stakeholder management plans

Multi-skilled professionals from different design disciplines make up our project managers. We are able to understand every aspect of the design process. Our approach includes the effective use of BIM.

We are able to quickly build teams and deliver projects in remote and difficult locations due to our extensive knowledge of overseas construction markets and contractual arrangements.

Construction and project management

We provide project and construction management services to all types of civil, industrial, and building engineering projects. We offer the following services:

  • Construction Management
  • Programming for projects
  • Design Management
  • Procurement/purchasing
  • Installation management
  • Management of quality
  • Inspections
  • Real estate development
  • Controlling time and costs
  • Technical and Environmental Due Diligence
  • Legal support for construction and contracting
  • Risk analysis
  • Management of the work environment and environmental quality
  • Strategic environmental advice and environmental control
  • Cost estimates
  • Construction supervision
  • Requirement/operational analysis
  • Analyse of investment
  • Alternative evaluation
  • Financial project control
  • Time planning
  • Organisation of project contracting
  • Organisation of quality assurance
  • Organisation of the building process
  • Assistance with choosing an operational organization
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Construction and project management 06

We always go the extra mile for our clients

We’re always glad to talk to folks about how we can provide residential and commercial developments. 

For a free estimate or to learn more, feel free to contact us.